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Introduction - Roll-Off Roof Observatory

For the past several years, my wife and I wanted an observatory in our yard. The initial plans were for a roll-off roof observatory. Of course, this raised several questions and problems that were not easily resolved. I saw an advertisement for a domed observatory from Ash-Dome in Sky and Telescope magazine. The thought of having a classic domed observatory instead of the roll-off roof observatory appealed to me. Fortunately, my wife was also keen to the idea of a domed observatory.

Stand-Alone Building - Classic Dome

We first had to determine where in the yard our stand-alone domed observatory was going to go. There were a couple of places we identified as likely candidates but we weren't sure if our town would grant approval.

Connected to the House - New Addition

We then thought the observatory would get more use if it was somehow connected to the house. But, we didn't want the observatory directly connected to the current house. The solution to this was to extend the existing house by putting on an addition and incorporating the observatory into the new addition.

Contacting an Architect

In New York state (and probably in most states), you are not allowed to add onto your existing house without approval from the town. The town requires plans developed by a licensed architect. We contacted an architect to work with us to design the plans for our new addition including the observatory.
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