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Construction of the observatory is finally complete. Photos of the project can be found by clicking on the center icon below. Aerial photographs of the completed project are also available.

Naming the Observatory

Every observatory should have a name. We have selected Stargate 4173 at Grimaldi Tower.

North Side
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West Side
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Construction Details
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East Side
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South Side
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The reasons why we selected this particular name are:
  1. This observatory will truly be a gate to the stars.
  2. I have been a science fiction fan for most of my life. Stargate was the name of a popular 1994 science fiction movie. And science fiction was the major force that got me into astronomy.
  3. The latitude and longitude of the observatory is
    41 degrees 36 minutes 49 seconds N, 73 degrees 40 minutes 16 seconds W.
  4. Francesco M. Grimaldi was an Italian physicist and astronomer, author of a map of the Moon which was used by Riccioli as a basis for his nomenclature. But more important, Grimaldi was our precious cat who crossed over to heaven on May 28th, 2005.
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