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NEAIC - NorthEast Astro Imaging Conference

NEAF - NorthEast Astronomy Forum

High Resolution Hydrogen-Alpha Solar Imaging

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Useful Data Values from Presentation

    Item Value
    Diameter of Sun 864,948.7 miles
    Diameter of Earth 7,917.5 miles
    Sun larger than Earth by 109 times
    Coronado SolarMax II 60 full disk Sun      979 pixels
         Earth      8.9 -> 9 pixels
    With Cemax 2x Barlow 2555 pixels
         Earth      23.4 -> 23 pixels
    With TeleVue 2.5x Barlow 2448 pixels
         Earth      22.4 -> 22 pixels
Wavelet Values and ImPPG Processing Options:
   see "My Sharpening Workflow"
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