Sunday, April 28th, 1985 (Log Day 11)

A number of us had early morning flights. Bob Antol, Elsieanna, Frances, and myself left the hotel at 5:30 AM on the Airporter bus. We met William Savy at the airport. The Air Canada ticket agent strike was on, but we got there early enough that it did not affect our checking in. The rest of the group had various flights to catch later in the day, so the five of us said good-bye and boarded our respective flights for home.

On the way back from Resolute, I had asked people to rank the highlights of the trip. For most, reaching the North Pole was the most exciting aspect of the journey. For those who slept in the igloo, this ranked high. Everyone who went to Fort Conger agreed that it was fabulous, and the whole group enjoyed the silence and the beauty of Lake Hazen. We were very fortunate with weather and were able to do a great deal, so I believe that all went home tired but satisfied that their expectations had been met. On parting in Edmonton, we agreed to have a reunion at the Pole a decade hence.

The End

copyright (c) 1985 Patricia Sutherland

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