Bob Antol's Polar Journals

An Expedition to the North Pole April 18th-28th, 1985

A Map of the Journey Logs Images
Thursday April 18th, 1985 Day 1 Personal Official LaGuardia >> Toronto >> Edmonton
Friday April 19th, 1985 Day 2 Personal Official Edmonton
Saturday April 20th, 1985 Day 3 Personal Official Edmonton >> Yellow Knife >> Resolute Bay
Sunday April 21st, 1985 Day 4 Personal Official Resolute Bay
Monday April 22nd, 1985 Day 5 Personal Official Resolute Bay >> Eureka >> Lake Hazen
Tuesday April 23rd, 1985 Day 6 Personal Official Lake Hazen >> Camp Opal >> the North Pole >> Camp Opal >> Lake Hazen
Wednesday April 24th, 1985 Day 7 Personal Official Lake Hazen >> Fort Conger >> Eureka >> Grise Fiord
Thursday April 25th, 1985 Day 8 Personal Official Grise Fiord >> Igloo
Friday April 26th, 1985 Day 9 Personal Official Grise Fiord >> the Magnetic Pole >> Resolute Bay
Saturday April 27th, 1985 Day 10 Personal Official Resolute Bay
Sunday April 28th, 1985 Day 11 Personal Official Resolute Bay >> Cambridge Bay >> Yellow Knife >> Edmonton >> Toronto >> LaGuardia

Images Polar Images Photographic Images Taken During the Polar Adventure
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    Negative Strips - The pictures in the sequence photographed.
    Polar Image Text Index - A textual index of polar images
    North Pole Panorama Auto Sequencer - A panorama of the North Pole in a sequence of images
    Igloo Construction Auto Sequencer - The construction of an igloo in a sequence of images
    Slide Show - As Presented at Schools

Polar Expedition Members My Travelling Companions
Polar Itinerary Day by day schedule of events
    Proposed - Society Expedition's Proposed Itinerary and Important Notes
    Actual - Actual Polar Itinerary and Polar Calendar
Temperature Conversion Converting Fahrenheit to Celsius and Back
Miscellaneous IBM Circuit Magazine Article, Certificates, Passport
Arctic Region An Atlas of the Arctic

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