Saturday, April 27th, 1985 (Log Day 10)

First thing this morning we packed for the flight south. At 10:00 AM Bezal and Peter picked us up. It was 20 degrees below zero Celsius (5 degrees below zero Fahrenheit) with sunshine and no wind. They drove us to the top of the hill behind Resolute, to take pictures of the settlement and to look for fossils in the gravel that the wind had swept clean of snow. Next we drove down to the Inuit village to shop at the Co-op store for souvenirs and then we visited the Hudson's Bay store before returning to the Narwhal. We returned all our heavy clothing to Bezal before leaving the trucks, then headed into the inn for lunch. After eating, we hauled our gear from our rooms to the dining room where everything was ticketed for the baggage check. Bezal and Peter picked us up one last time and drove us to the airport, where we said our fond farewells to Debbie, Peter, Bezal and the pilots, John and Matt. Terry was flying with us to Edmonton to attend a tourism convention. Earl said good-bye to all of us on the tarmac; he was staying on for his bear hunt. We left Resolute at 1:48 PM.

Wendy, our stewardess on the way up, was with us again and took very good care of us in terms of meals and liquid refreshments. In an hour and a half we were in Cambridge Bay where we had a brief station stop, and a few of us got off the plane and visited the gift counter in the airport. Our next stop was in Yellowknife, where again a few of us left the plane to stretch our legs. We arrived in Edmonton at 7:05 PM Resolute time. It was a warm 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit). The two Yellow vans were there to meet us, and after checking a few flight arrangements for Sunday and collecting our baggage, we departed for the hotel. In the hotel lobby, I explained that daylight-saving-time started tomorrow (so that no one would miss their flight), informed people about the likelihood of an Air Canada strike in the morning, reminded them about hotel arrangements and then seven of us agreed to meet for dinner at the Japanese Village across the street at 9:00 PM. We bid good-bye to those who were retiring early and whom we would not see in the morning. The seven of us who went to the Japanese Village had a marvelous time, and when we arrived back at the hotel afterwards there was another round of good-byes. It was off to pack for the trip home tomorrow, and then to bed.

copyright (c) 1985 Patricia Sutherland

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