Saturday, April 27th, 1985 (Day 10)

Last Night in Resolute

Last night, Bezal came over and picked us up. Bezal and Terry Jesudason are wonderful people. A neighbor of theirs came over with her daughter to perform some throat singing. It was bizarre! It sounded like something from "The Exorcist". It is a dying art that this Inuit woman is passing along to her family. The two women face each other and begin "singing". When one of them start laughing, the song is over. It is very difficult to describe how it sounded.

Then the old woman brought out 3 Jews Harps. This is a musical instrument that you put on your teeth and strum an extending piece of metal. The fascinating thing about all of this is that Bob Burns has been playing one of these things throughout the entire trip! So he joined the old woman in playing a song. It was great.

After the two Inuit women left, Bezal got out some booze. It was rye, rum and Canadian Labatt's beer. I had 2 cans of beer - they tasted great.

We were then issued a certificate showing we went to the North Pole. Earlier, Pat stamped our passports with the "Society Expedition: Project North Pole" stamp.

We came back to our Resolute Bay base camp and then proceeded to finish off the 3 bottles of champagne.

I got up at 7:15 AM and had a nice long hot shower. I still haven't shaved. I then had a breakfast of eggs and bacon.

I packed all of my belongings and am ready for 10:00 AM when Bezal picks us up to take us to the weather station.

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